About Us

Welcome to the treasure house of Andhra home cooked pickles and sweets. Bhimavaram Foods is the popular on-line destination for conventional Andhra Home made pickles, foods and sweets. Enjoy our diverse selection of Pickles, spice powders and cooking ingredients.

What is this Bhimavaram?
Yes- Bhimavaram is a famous town in West Godavari district , Andhra Pradesh  India. The Town is well known for the traditional pickles and many other foods. Bhimavaram is the best place to taste the non vegetarian pickles in main. The town has a good name in preparation of various food items and many food lovers comes to this place to have their pack of tasty and yummy preparations along with them.

Rich in complex yet subtle flavours, Bhimavaram Foods are known for its quality and taste defined by an adventurous use of herbs and spices in every dish. All the foods are prepared in a very hygienic conditions in the traditional utensils and pots, to get the right taste. No chemical preservatives added.

Bhimavaram Foods facilitate the Andhra people to send Sweets and pickles to their friends and relatives staying Abroad . We provide a secure online ordering and payment system via PayPal and Netbanking. The goods are delivered by fast and efficient courier services.

Our beloved customers made us come all this way and stand strong in today’s competition .We are now committed to serve our customers with fresh and quality product and with reliable services and comparative price.